Monetize Your App without Ads

BeaconsInSpace makes it easy for you to add a revenue stream 
from your mobile users without affecting the user experience.

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Monthly Payouts

We give apps that implement our SDK a new revenue stream. We don't replace any existing revenue sources, and we're non-exclusive. Apps get monthly payouts based on the number of users we detect.

No Ads

We don't show ads or pop-ups, and we don't make any changes to the user experience. Our technology allows us to detect users' anonymous location signals which we monetize for you each month.

All Anonymous

It's completely anonymous, and we don't collect any personal information on your users. No names, email addresses, phone numbers, or preferences.

Over 5,000 apps use BeaconsInSpace to support their monetization strategy.

How it Works

Implement and start detecting beacons in 9 minutes.

Anonymous user location data from beacons is stored and aggregated in our cloud.

Brands purchase the location data for retargeting campaigns.

You get the revenue and have successfully monetized without showing ads.

Our Coverage is Global.

BeaconsInSpace is a network of networks.
Our beacons are deployed worldwide with the  highest concentration in major cities.
This means we have coverage where your users are for optimal revenue generation.

Start driving revenue with BeaconsInSpace monetization

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